Ever lost
a sock?

a sock?

Join the fam

The Project

Who has never lost a sock?
We all have!
There is nothing worse than having one sock but not the other one.
WIMS is a cartoonish Solana based NFT collection.
Get rewarded by our real socks brand once you have found your missing sock!


Are you eager to find your missing sock? So do we!
Stay tuned and join our Discord to grab your sock and start your hunt!

The hunt

A lonely sock is a sad sock and we don’t like that…
Find the missing one to complete your pair and put the smile back on your sock’s face!
Moreover, a happy sock means a happy owner : once you have found the missing sock, get an NFT of your pair… or even more


We still have surprises in store! Once you have gathered your metaverse pair of socks, you will receive a real pair from the WIMS collection straight into your mailbox! How cool is that?!

Wims Shop

Having an NFT is cool, but how about owning an NFT and a physical version of it? Are you ready to discover the first socks brand from the Metaverse? We can’t wait to launch the official WIMS shop!


Owning a WIMS NFT is owning the WIMS Shop! A part of the profits will be redistributed to the holders.
Through our DAO, holders will also have a huge role in managing the shop!


Where is the sock?

Coming soon!

Washing Machine

Are you a player?
Can you challenge the washing machine?
Put one of your socks into the machine and try to win another one, rare or not… but you are warned, some things get lost here…

More games!

We are all gamers! Come and join us to play some games on our website, Twitter and Discord! Nothing matters except having fun and of course… finding your sock!


Okay, we’ll be honest here: our team is pretty disorganized at home… This is actually how this idea came up.

After many years of mess and a lot of sad lonely socks, we ended up making our own sock collection that could never disappear!

However, you never leave your friends behind… We will never give up on our missing socks and we are still on the hunt! Join us on this adventure!








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Artist 3D


Artist 2D